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Trump Coin

CA: 0x12348cecbb42772397df588946eb291a06041bf9

Know Trump Coin

TRUMPCOIN is a community made and owned Cryptocurrency project. We are aspiring to become the new high-quality standard within the Crypto Space. A GROUP of like minded individuals have come together to CREATE the new golden standard of what a community should have to offer. 


Total Supply: 1 Billion

Token Name: Trumpcoin

Ticker: $TCOIN

Taxes: 0

Road Map

Primary Elections

✅ Rally core support from the community

General Elections

✅ Marketing and Advertisements

Electoral College

⌛️Listing on coinmarketcap
⌛️ Listing on coingecko

Taking Office

✅ Dextools Trending
✅ Elect members of of our community into the house and senate

Available in

Join Our Community!

Fulfill your civic duty by joining Trump Coin Who knows, you might be elected

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